New Review- Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton & Nina Bocci

27276297Roman crazy is a romantic, funny, delightful story that will make you love not only the main couple but also Italy!

Avery is an Americal girl that finds her life turning upside down. When her best friend in Italy invites her for a little trip, she takes the chance to change her life and leaves her messy marriage behind. She doesn’t expect though to find there the perfect Italian boy with whom she had a very passionate affair nine years ago and left behind without a word.

Marcello is a man furious. He always thought about the girl who stole his heart and broke it in little pieces and when he meets her after so many years, he doesn’t know if he wants to strangle her or kiss her.

I really liked the relationship between Avery and Marcello. It is romantic, they have great chemistry and their bond is effortless. They just click together. It isn’t their second chance, it feels more like pressing play after a little pause. The only aspect I didn’t like was that some other people get between them ,so there is a grey area about cheating but somehow the authors manage to avoid our hating the couple and moving forward.

Now, I want to comment about what I LOVED about this book. This is not only a romantic story but it is an entire journey to Rome. Their descriptions make you travel there, smell, touch, see and taste. This story makes you wish you could be there right now. It is above imagination, it is like you read words and all the senses are aroused. The scenery, the food, the sun leap from the pages.

It is an exciting love story that I enjoyed very much and I cannot wait what these two authors will give us again.


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