New Review- Chasing The High by Beth Michele

31923123Beth Michele has written various stories; sexy, funny, heartbreaking ones. When she announced that she wrote a male/male book,, I was pleasantly surprised, because she pushed herself and wrote outside the boundaries. I don’t usually read m/m but I was really happy reading this one. Under all the different types of her books, including this one, their core is the same, finding true love.

Sam, having being left at the altar, tries to lick his wounds going to his honeymoon in Hawaii, alone. He feels lonely, until he finds an unexpected friend, the brooding man, Drew. He feels instantly connected to this man but they are on uncharted waters. Drew pushes Sam outside his shell and they go on many adventures , but their biggest one is to surrender into their attraction.

I loved these two men. Sam has a quiet strenght inside of him. He wants everything controlled and he appears shy, but he has a calm but strong spirit. He is a man you can depend on. Drew is his exact opposite. He is a smartass with a quick wit and a dirty mouth. Under all this adventurous side, there is a little boy hidden. He has insecurities and fear, making us want to protect him and hug him. They are different but they complete each other. They are so supportive and there is respect between them. I admired that they accepted each other flaws and that for me is a part of true love.

There are erotic scenes , but they are artfully written. They are hot, but it is not about the sex. It’s about trust and a showing of a deeper relationship.

I also liked the secondary characters. Sometimes it’s your family there to support you and sometimes there are people that don’t share your blood but they are there to care for you and hold your hand through the difficulties of life.

In the end, don’t be afraid to step outside of what you know and try this story. You will connect with the characters and you will discover true meaningful love.


Release date: October 17th , 2016


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