New Review- Max by Sawyer Bennett

I have read and enjoyed all these hockey players by Sawyer Bennett and I am excited to say that “Max” is one of the best books in the Cold Fury Hockey series!

Max is the league’s most eligible goalie and he has his share of women, fame and money. Being a romantic at heart, he is tired of the same “puck” bunnies and when he finally meets an everyday girl that doesn’t recognize him, he is enchanted by her.

Julianne is full of responsibilities. She is the guardian of her sister’s three children and she works two jobs, having no time for the sexy customer who is determined to date her.

Max sees the girl behind the tired eyes and the exhausting life and he tries his best to make her feel better. He is solid, caring and steady. He is the perfect man that makes her believe she can be more and she can dream again. He is strong and he supports her completely. He is genuine, sweet and generous. He is a fine example of a sweet man that is born to be a husband and a father.

Julianne on the other hand is an independent, proud woman. Although, she is poor, she does her best to support her kids. She is reasonable with an amazing work ethic. Sometimes, she appears a little stubborn and doesn’t want to accept Max’s help but I understood her pride and her need for control.

This is a sweet story with a couple that is mature enough to solve all the problems without unnecessary drama. Max is the best man with a pure gold heart and he is ready to give it to Julianne. He is the protagonist of this book that will make you want to hug this beautiful character.

After reading this book with this amazing male hero, I cannot wait to read the next story about the opposite one, the bad boy of hockey!

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