New Review- Until Ashlyn by Aurora Rose Reynolds

“Until Ashlyn” is the third book in the Until Her series, which is a spin off from this author’s original “Until” series. I have read and enjoyed all these books and I had fun reading this one too!

Ashlyn works at a dentist office and when her new boss, Dillon, appears, they ignite! They don’t get along, they are totally opposites but their attraction is off the charts. He might be snarky and she might be feisty, but they burn for each other.

When they both attend a dental conference in Vegas, Ashlyn finds herself married… to her boss. Although, Ashlyn is ready to run to a divorce lawyer, Dillon has other plans and convinces her to give this marriage a try.

This couple is fun, with amazing banter and this is a completely entertaining story. Although, we jumped to “after the wedding” and we didn’t have the chance to get to know them better, they are so cute together. The sex is so hot and they work perfectly as a couple. There is no drama and it is low on angst.

Aurora Rose Reynolds gives us once again the perfect alpha male and the sassy girl and the delicious relationship that makes you turn the pages. Dillon is protective, bossy and so intense but always cares about Ashlyn.

As for Ashlyn, she is smart, funny and I loved how she ended in loving Dillon so much. He ends in being her rock and they are so good to each other.

If I had to rate this couple alone, it would be a perfect five stars book. The thing that made me lower my rating was the plot. It is like we are thrown into the story in the middle of it without seeing the couple falling in love. Also, the story has some mystery and background that is rushed a little. I would have loved some details for the couple and all what happened to them. The climax came way too quickly and I was confused on the last chapters. Nonetheless, it has an adorable epilogue that will leave you satisfied.

As always, we get to see characters from the previous books and it is always great to catch up with them.

In the end, although this book is not perfect, it is fast and you will have a good time reading it!

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