New Review- Wait For It by Mariana Zapata

Mariana Zapata is the queen of slowburn romance but I can assure you that this book will capture your heart quickly and totally.

Diana has lived loss but her soul is born for love. She is the guardian of her two nephews and she will do anything for them. When they move to a new city to start fresh, she is curious about her gruff neighbor, Dallas. He is a silent kind of man but slowly his actions speak louder than words.

As Dallas ends being the baseball coach of her nephew, they spend more time together and they get to know each other greatly. They build the funds of their relationship on friendship and companionship without romance missing.

It’s always exciting to see hard fast paced sexy scenes but the build up of slowburn  romance plays with your heart strings more. When passion comes later on a book, you get to appreciate the little gestures more; and this couple makes the little gestures count more.

Diana is such an amazing character. She is loving, caring and protective. We get to see her every day life with her nephews, Josh and Louie, and let me tell you she is admirable. She is fierce, strong , a little stubborn but so loveable. She is like a mama bear ready to do everything to protect her little ones and her love for them is full on the pages.

Dallas on the other hand seems as mysterious, closed off at the beginning but let me tell you this man will make you sigh. He is loyal, helpful, steady, someone to lean on. He is just there for Diana and the kids and it’s so important. He might appear reluctant at first, but when his feelings are out, his words are so sweet and so beautiful.

Their relationship goes to the next level on the end of the book but in no way , you will feel that something is missing. You will get to appreciate the characters more and when finally romance occurs , your heart will be already ready to burst.

I have to comment about this author’s ability to write about kids. They steal our attention with their cuteness and Mariana Zapata made this story family oriented, something that will make you feel warm inside.

This is a story about loss, family and love. This is the first book I have read in 2017 , but it will surely be one of my favorites of the whole year. My heart is full after reading this and I am so thankful for this author’s talent. I would rate this with all the stars of the world, so what are you waiting for?! Just read it immediately!

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