New Review- Four Letter Word by J.Daniels

51vixqcmzlThere are many four letter words for this book, wild, sexy, care, lost, hate, Love! J. Daniels succeeded writing one funny, entertaining story with a little angst and a lot of love.

Sydney married young and at the age of 24 , she finds herself homeless, jobless and with a husband that no longer wants her. Thankfully, she has a true best friend to hold her hand and help her restart her life. One wrong phone call later and she connects with a mysterious guy.

Brian has made a mistake and he pays for it everyday. He has lost himself and he survives with the time passing by without truly living. When a wild girl calls him by mistake, he feels something more than loneliness. He is interested in knowing the fiery girl without giving her many details about himself.

Little by little they find comfort in each other and sometimes you just need someone to listen to you and when it happens that someone becomes really important.

I loved how they interacted through phone calls and how much they first developed trust and friendship that slowly became more. I didn’t expect Brian’s secret and when they met I understood why he needed to hide it to protect Sydney. I felt sorry for him but I don’t know if I could have forgiven him if I were in her place.

Their relationship was perfect. There was an instant connection , there was not any drama and though they moved their relationship fast forward, I found it cute because you know what? Sometimes you know that this someone is your special one, your other half and that was what they became for each other.

As for the writing , it had a Kristen Ashley vibe, so if you are fans of her , you will also love this book.

The most important plus for me for this book were the secondary characters. I found many times wondering more about them than the main couple. I know that some of them will get a book but if the author writes about the others too, I will be the first to read them.

I found this book a great start for this series and I can’t wait to read the sexy adventures that will come.


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