New Review – Once Upon A Royal Christmas by Robin Bielman

51k-wcxdmjl-_sy346_If you want to crave Christmas trees, festive cookies and snow, then you will love this new adorable story by Robin Bielman.

Rowan is a girl a little lost. She has no respect as a journalist by her colleagues and she is on the stage of her life that she has to make some decisions; should she leave everything behind and start new with her passion, which is painting or try to rise again as a respected reporter?

When she truly stumbles upon a visiting Prince, in a scene that made me laugh, she finds her opportunity to right her past mistakes on her profession and make a difference writing an interesting story about him. She didn’t expect though to find him so charming and irresistible.

Prince Theo is visiting for the first time his belated mother’s hometown to know his family and find his roots. When he meets Rowan , he is enchanted by her, so he chooses her to write his story. As they spend time together, they get to know each other better and little by little their feelings are involved. They ultimately though have to choose between duty and love.

I loved Theo, he is a good man that wants to do the right thing for his family but his heart is beating for his girl. He is caring towards her and this little community. Rowan on the other hand  is a girl you can relate. We all have passed the confusion of what to do with our lives. Nonetheless, she is a woman playful and smart and speaks her opinion.

This is a slow burn love story, as the couple gets together after the middle of the book but there are cute and sweet scenes between them from the beginning. As always, Robin succeeds to put humor and romance in her story that leaves you content and smiling. So for those who want to read a Christmas book that will warm your inside, you should give it a try!


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