Thief of Hearts by L.H. Cosway

612hwjo7brlL.H. Cosway once again shows me why she is one of my favorite authors! She gives us one book artfully written with characters flawed but perfect for this story!

Andria is a woman that has lost her husband really young with money troubles chasing her without though losing her kindness. What matters to her is giving back to people, offering them a chance at a better life. That’s why she is in adult education. She is caring, passionate about her job and with a good heart. Her life though is on pause after becoming a widow as she is afraid to lose more people from her life. Little does she know that the beautiful ex-con will turn it upside down.

We have met Stu previously on the series as one of the Cross brothers but somehow L.H. managed to turn a secondary character with a not so stellar image to a wonderful one. Stu is not what he seems; all looks and not brains. He has depth, he is loyal to his family with a great sense of humor and sexy without trying.

I am not fond of teacher/ student romance but this one is not focused on the taboo of this issue. It has more to do with the hero and the heroine as they get to know each other better on a daily basis and how they get closer. I went blindly into this story,so I recommend you do the same. There is adventure and twists and delightful secondary characters.

Stu and Andrea are opposites but their heart is the same. They both want more for their families and they put themselves second. I really liked our heroine and her attitude especially towards her students and her cousin that lives with her. She is a woman with a pure heart. She is a little scared but with the help of our hero, she becomes more adventurous and ready to start her life again. Stu despite being a hard nut to crack is the one I loved the most and that surprised me as he seemed selfish and not so bright on Hearts of Blue. He seems cocky but he uses his sexuality as a means to hide his true self. He is intelligent and in sync with Andrea. He truly understands her and all those little moves , his touch, the stolen kisses and his attention to her, shows how much he cares about her.

My only problem? That this series comes to an end. Only one book remains that I cannot wait about but I am sure this author will end this fantastic series with a bang and she will give us many other new ones. L.H. Cosway is the thief of our hearts!


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