New Review- Ride Dirty by Laura Kaye

Laura Kaye is an author that knows how to write exciting books but I must also bow to her ability of writing novellas. I am one of the hardest critics of short stories because I usually find them lacking and incomplete but Ride Dirty surprised me with its depth and intensity.

I have been intrigued by the mysterious Caine from the previous books but this man will captivate you with his story and his past. If you haven’t read this series , Caine is the sergeant of arms of a motorcycle club, the Ravens. Although, they are his only family, he keeps his feelings stocked away and himself isolated. When he saves a lovely woman from a robbery he suddenly feels the need to protect her but he doesn’t count that she will be the one to save him.

Emma is a kindergarten teacher with her only companion her dog. Mysterious things happen to her that make her feel threatened but the silent rider offers her peace and so much more.

Their attraction between them cannot be denied but Caine has to open up and trust Emma for them to work. Emma is such a sweet woman. She is kind and caring but she also has this strength inside her. She is not afraid to ask of what she wants and she is ready to face her man’s demons. Caine is nothing I expected. He might be tough but his heart is vulnerable. He has put up walls so he won’t be hurt again but Emma gives him hope and freedom.

Their relationship is honest, sexy and sweet. They really respect each other and although Caine has many ghosts from his past, I loved that they had fun together and they bonded like family.

Laura Kaye wrote a deeply emotional but also thrilling novella and my only wish was to read more about them!

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