New Review- Praying for Rain by B.B. Easton

B.B. Easton is a new to me author and I rarely read dystopian romance but this cover drew me so much, that I couldn’t resist. What would you do if you knew the end was near? Would you try to fight for your life or surrender to death?

Rain has accepted the fate of the world. She knows that the last day on Earth is coming soon so she just prays for all this torture to seize. The world has become a dangerous place so her only hope is for a brighter afterlife.

Wes has lived a painful life so this threat is just another obstacle he has to overcome. He is used to people leaving him so he depends only on himself until he finds the sad blue eyed girl. He thinks he can use her for his survival but he soon realizes she will help him live.

This author writes a world of Apocalypse really vividly. It reminded me of all these new adult movies where there is mass destruction and a continuous fight for survival. I think that she has captured the greedy aspect of the human race but also the hope love brings.

Both characters are flawed and many times impulsive but it is completely understandable when there is so much depressing scenes they both see and go through. I can’t fathom the idea of what I would do in their place.

The story towards the end took a turn I didn’t expect so I am curious to see what’s more to come.

Praying for Rain is definitely a different story than the ones I am used to but I will certainly read the next ones!

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