New Review – Tru Blue by Melissa Foster

51p7tiddsclThis is the first book I have read by this author and I went blindly. I didn’t know what it was about but something about the cover intrigued me. Seeing a man full of tattoos holding a baby made me give this a chance and I have to say that the story went above my expectations.

Truman  has been out of prison for six months and has lived the hardest life in a world of drugs, poverty, abandonment.He was just a kid when he left behind his addicted mother and his little brother, but he was always there for him, until he was sentenced to prison. Now after many years, he returns to help him but there is a surprise for him. There are two kids , another brother and a sister, that he cannot leave. So another chapter begins for him with two babies to care for. When he has to turn his life around, the only thing he doesn’t expect is to find help from a prim girl, Gemma.

Gemma comes from a rich family but she only knows ignorance by her parents. She has started a new life with her best friend but her mother is always there to remind her of her mistakes. When she sees a man full of tattoos and two children , she is curious to know about them. She is afraid for the kids but what she finds is so surprising. The hard looking man is so protective of them. So, she cannot get close enough to them, she has to know their story.

I loved Truman. He is one of the sweetest heroes I have ever read. Beneath the rough armor, there is a man kind, gentle, loyal. He knows tragedy and desperation but he is a survivor and a savior to his family. He does anything in his hand to help his brothers and sister and he becomes the most suitable guardian. You cannot not love a man that gives his life and time for his family. Also, he is the most perfect boyfriend to Gemma. He doesn’t hide  his past and he is  so romantic. He maybe not have much money, but his ethic is vast and he tries to complete everyone’s dream. His love is endless and he adores and cherishes his family and Gemma.

Gemma on the other hand is a smart, savvy girl with a large curiosity. She is a little pushy but she doesn’t do it carelessly. She just has to know everything about Truman, so she can help him. Although, she grew up in a cold family, she is anything but that. She is warm, loving and generous with her heart.

As for their relationship, it is amazing. They didn’t grow up in a perfect world and they are both flawed , but they are perfect for each other. They are true and honest and the sexy times will make you hot but their everyday life will make you sigh. The electricity between them is magnetic and explosive but their bond, their intimate connection goes much deeper.

Also, I have to remark that the secondary characters are so loveable and made me curious about them. Truman’s best friends are looking rough but they are so helpful to him and the babies and they show that true family doesn’t have to share the same blood. Same goes for Gemma’s best friend, the sexy rock chick, Crystal, that gave a humorous side to the story.

I don’t usually judge a book by its cover but I am glad I did it with this story, because its pages were so much greater.Melissa Foster has just earned a new fan and I cannot wait to read more about the secondary characters. Loved it!!!


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