New Review – The true story of Atticus and Hazel

51m67l2dklFisher Amelie has written one of my favorite books, “Vain” and I had bought this one from the beginning but somehow I had not picked it up… until now. With one of the most beautiful covers, I was expecting a new adult story where a boy and a girl would fall in love and live happily ever after. I was so wrong with my assumption. It sure is a love story but a heartbreaking one. It’s so raw, it will make you shed tears.

Atticus and Hazel are born to love each other. It is like their story is written by  fate and no troubles can keep them apart. When they meet, their attraction is off the charts, there is magnetism they cannot explain. They are both talented artists, Hazel in painting and Atticus in music and their love is painted with the brightest colors and  played with the most exciting notes.

When an unexpected event force them together, they have to know each other quickly. It’s a difficult journey for both of them. They are young, carrying insecurities and fears but their bond is unquestionable. They both take decisions that hurt each other, but in the end they forgive themselves and unite again.

It is not an easy book to read. At first , I didn’t know how the story would go but what this couple had to go through broke my heart. I couldn’t contain my tears and after reading the author’s note, I connected with the couple more as Fisher poored her feelings and her reality  in the pages.

Although, it is a painful story, it’s worth reading it. There is a unique couple that their connection is not based on lust and the descriptions are artfully written. You can see and feel what they see and feel and the book has also in general an artistic flair to it. The most important message of this book is that you are not alone in your pain. There is always someone out there to lift and share your burden and maybe free you from it. This story might give you this nudge to be more compassionate and more open to those around you.


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