New Review- The Bachelor Auction by Rachel Van Dyken

51stg3uzcplAfter reading a lot of dramatic books full of angst, I wanted something funny and the best author for that is Rachel Van Dyken.

Brock is a man full of responsibilities. After losing his parents at a young age, he always follows the rules and what his grandfather says. He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, he feels responsible for his brothers and his grandfather’s company. That’s why he agrees to be auctioned at a charity for everyone’s sake.  The only thing he has is some days for vacation on his family’s ranch.

Jane is just plain. She does everything for her sisters but she feels smothered. Her sisters are selfish and they treat her as a maid. When she is propositioned for a cleaning job , she finds it as an opportunity to get away from them. There though she finds the brooding man, Brock.

Brock wants Jane but the auction is only a few days ahead. He doesn’t want to play with her but he can’t resist her. Jane on the other hand finds that behind the arrogant man is a person haunted by ghosts and loneliness. He is no Prince Charming but he charms her all the way.

Their story is funny, lighthearted and you will laugh with the crazy characters and the animal cameos. Sometimes you want to have a great easygoing time with a book and this one is all about that. This is a  modern Cinderella fairytale that will totally entertain you.


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