New Review- Naughty Boss by Whitney G.

Sometimes after an exhausting day, you just need to relax with a book and have fun. Naughty Boss is the perfect story for doing this.

Michael is the CEO of a publishing house and when he hires Mya for his executive assistant, he is demanding,mean and so arrogant. Mya hates him but there is this little problem. She is really attracted to him.

After sending him an incriminate sexy email that was supposed to go to her best friend, the game is on. Michael might be a notorious playboy and a total asshole but he sure knows how to turn her on.

Whitney G. is one of the best authors to write heroes you love to hate but cannot resist. Michael is irresistible with his deadly wit and Mya is a sassy girl that makes him notice her. This author knows how to create sexual chemistry through emails and these ones in this story are so hilarious.

I love this author’s smart writing and her dirty humor and her books are a guilty pleasure. My only problem with this book is that it’s too short! When you are taken in a whirlwind of romance, you just need a little bit more!

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