New Review – Adventurous Proposal by Laura Barnard

When this author contacted me and I read the blurb, I said to myself that this book sounds fun. It really was a light story that made me grin a few times with the unusual storyline and the crazy characters.

Florence has bad luck with guys and the clock is ticking. When an attractive man, Hugh, approaches her with an adventurous proposal, to be married in only a few days, and she accepts, the craziness starts.

Running around with the preparations while getting to know each other is not an easy task. Take in consideration the jealous ex and the parents then the disaster is closing down on them.

Florence is a straightforward girl. She doesn’t appear desperate. On the contrary, she seems excited but cautious about the idea of a quick marriage. She likes Hugh and in no way , she is a bridezilla. She is a logical girl giving love a last chance.

Hugh on the other hand is a little bit mysterious. I didn’t truly connect with him and sometimes he appears not truly invested, although he is saying the opposite. When he had some encounters with his ex, I couldn’t forgive him as Florence did. He is sexy and their love scenes are hot but I wanted to smack him  a few times.

Although, the idea of a marriage to someone you have just met sounds unbelievable, it didn’t appear that to me, because we all have heard about couples that met on their wedding night and spent their lives together and happy. That’s why I found this story entertaining but I would have loved if we had the chance to see the couple getting to know each other better and not instantly fall in love.

The writing was fast paced and filled with humor and the swearing of the heroine brought a more real, everyday sound to it. I loved how the author wrote the story on a countdown and what each day brought to the couple.

If you are fans of romantic comedies and you like stories with a “Bridget Jones” vibe, then this novella might be for you!

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