New Review- Out of Bounds by Lauren Blakely

51dhcv2luplLauren Blakely is the queen of sexy heroes and sassy girls and although, this is a novella, she gives a  cute story with these kind of characters.

Drew lives and breathes football and it’s his main focus. When a beautiful girl saves him from a surfing accident, his mind is now occupied with her.

When Dani sees the sexy quarterback, she wants him from the beginning. There is something special between them, but there is a problem. She works as a lawyer on his team and they are both reluctant to lose the respect of the world.

As they are forced to put their attraction aside, their friendship blooms and they see that besides the physical , their interests are alike.They seem to click. When they finally give their relationship a go, sparkles fly.

I loved Dani’s character. She is logical, straight forward and she says what she wants. Drew is a man adorable. He is kind, hard working and he doesn’t play games. Their relationship is steamy but I loved more the little gestures.

Can they find though the balance between business and pleasure? Grab this cute short story and you will find out.


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