New Review- Echoes of Time by Calia Read

Echoes of Time by Calia Read is the final book in the “Surviving Time” series and one of my most anticipated stories of this year. There is something romantic in the idea of love which is above rules and this couple overcomes every obstacle to be together.

Etienne and Serene are soulmates but they belong in a different era. They bend the rules to have their happily ever after but they must be careful because each action can alter the past and the future.

Serene still remains the strong minded woman who will do anything for love and Etienne is the same gruff man but with a lighter side as he sheds some of his responsibilities.

Time travelling for love is such a unique idea and this book has adventure, sexiness and mystery!

The author leaves the second characters’ stories open for more and I am crossing my fingers for some of them.

I am so glad I found this new author to me and now that all the books are out, you should definitely check out this fantastic series full of yearning, magic and nostalgic moments!

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