New Review- Thirty Day Boyfriend by Whitney G.

Whitney G. is back with her perfect trope; office romance! Get ready to have fun with this hot couple that has declared war!

Emily has been Nicholas personal assistant for two long years. She is smart, capable and wants nothing to do with her demanding boss. She would do anything to find another job but the man doesn’t let her go!

Nicholas is determined, rich and successful. He is a true businessman married to his work and he would anything to expand his company. He just needs a fiancée and who is better than his right hand, Emily?

The rules are all in the contract: pretend that they are in love without actual intimate moves. It’s just a job transaction but their feelings get all in their way and bring their lives upside down. Let the fun begin…

Emily and Nicholas’ banter is hilarious. There is this push/pull, an antagonistic relationship that makes their attraction burning. Emily is not afraid to have her say and Nicholas is a little arrogant but together they give the perfect entertainment.

Whitney G. is an author that writes the wittiest characters and you will love her intelligent humor. This story is short but it will leave you with a smile on your face!

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