New Review- Collecting the Pieces by L.A. Fiore

51wvty4aol-_sy346_I love discovering new authors to me and I picked this story blindly. I didn’t read what the blurb was , I had just seen the beautiful cover and the title intrigued me. I am so glad I gave this story a chance, because I really liked it.

Sydney is a foster child, being abandoned by her parents as a baby. She doesn’t know what family is, what love is. When she is just a teenager, she finds a home, someone to be there for her, a new family. She is shown kindness and love, until tragedy strikes and everything is lost.

As the years pass, she moves to a small town with her best friend starting their new job as vets. There she stops mourning her past life and she is ready to move forward. Being a little lost, she doesn’t expect to be given a second chance in life, but the dangerous man intrigues her and shows her what passion is.

Abel is a man rugged. He rides a motorcycle, he has a dirty mouth and he is rough around the edges. When he sees the new doctor, sparkles fly. She is different than anyone he knows but he resists her, because he is there temporarily.

They drive each other crazy. There is wild attraction between them and neither can resist. Their relationship is almost primal, full of need.

I loved Sydney’s character. She is not afraid to start her life again, to find new roots. She is caring, she is smart and her love towards animals is so unique.

As for Abel, what can I say? The man is pure sin. He is domineering, opinionated but under all this hard exterior, there is a man fascinating. He goes out of his way to protect Sydney and he is a good man at his chore. He challenges her and together they start a new life.

Another aspect I like in this story is that it’s not only centered in this couple. The author paints a great community that helps each other and there is friendship and family without sharing the same blood.

Life is full of heartbreak but there are many people to hold your hand and help you overcome it. There can be joy and second chances that can make you complete the missing pieces of your heart. Abel and Sydney are the different parts to the same puzzle with love their glue uniting them.


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