New Review- Say You Want Me by Corinne Michaels

51nprhlxw6lEvery time I read a book by Corinne Michaels, she manages to steal my heart and make it my favorite. After reading “Say You’ll Stay”,  I was so excited to learn more about Wyatt, Zach’s brother and Angie, Presley’s best friend. I knew I would love it but this story really touched me.

Angie is a woman independent, hardworking and doesn’t believe in fairytales. She is happy to move alone doing her job successfully. She spends two amazing sexy nights with the charming cowboy but she doesn’t expect anything, there are no strings attached. When though she has to go back to the small town, Wyatt is there to win her over.

Wyatt is the rock of his family. He is the one everyone depends on, he is levelheaded, a man easy to smile and easier to be loved. From the first time he saw the sassy woman, he finds himself drawn to her. She is different from anyone else he knows, she is a free spirited girl. The only problem, he wants to catch her and he will do anything in his power to own her.

Their relationship will make you swoon and this man will make you sigh. There is true romance in this book that will remind you why you love these kind of books. When a story pulls your heartstrings , it’s a successful one.

True love shines though when the couple overcomes the darkness. You realize that they are soulmates when they can forgive themselves and each other and share their burdens. Wyatt helps Angie destroy her walls around her heart and Angie is there to guide him through his troubles in his soul.

I don’t have words to express how much I fell in love with this couple and their journey to happiness. It will be a story that will stay with me…


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