New Review- Preppy by T.M. Frazier

513-ivrbnrlT.M. Frazier toyed with us giving us glimpses of Preppy, one of the most complicated characters , in the previous books of this series and made us crave him.

Preppy is appeared as a man almost crazy, intelligent with  smart humor and a deadly hand. We were all anxious to learn his story and what a story this author gave us. What surprised me was that this one had more depth and less adventure than I expected. It was more about knowing about Samuel aka Preppy and his character and his love interest.

This story unfolds with scenes from the past and the present. We see Preppy trying to find ways to help his friend, King and he finds it at a beautiful thief, a girl lost to drugs and guilt. He saves her but he also wants to ruin her. He wants her but he also wants to hurt her.

We have suspected Preppy’s dark past and his sexual depravity and learning about what happened to him , we start to understand him. He is a man with a broken soul, haunted by his nightmares. He is a killer but with a heart of a little’s boy. When he finds Dre,a girl destroyed, he is more confused about what he wants from her.

Preppy with his strange ways saves her from herself and he sees parts of him in her too. They are both hurt but they click together.

Dre has made a mistake in her past and pays it every day. She self destructs until one extraordinary man shows her the right way. Together they find themselves and they share their burdens.

This author has made us expect quick, sexy  stories and I loved that this one was a little different. Don’t worry ,their sex scenes are scorching hot but there is romance behind their every move. They share their bodies but also their souls. It is that which has more impact. They bare their mistakes and their secrets and they bond truly and deeply. They play with each other, it’s a game of wills but under the games, love is brewing.

This story is dark with racing sex scenes and different characters, but interesting enough to turn the pages and want more. T.M. Frazier is the evil queen of cliffhangers but somehow, she makes us not to forget her stories and count the days for the continuation. Her books aren’t usual or perfect but they are playing with our minds and that sure is something admirable. Expect the unexpected by this author…

p.s. For you to enjoy this story, you’d better read all the books in the King series.


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