New Review- Consolation Prize by Linda Kage

51ibwgi3v3lThere are so many different, mixed people in the world but romance books are rarely about interracial couples. Linda Kage makes that leap writing a story about an Afro-American woman and a younger white man.

If you are following this series, you all know about Colton, the younger Gamble brother, and Julianna, the new sassy bartender. If not, be ready for a crazy ride through this taboo story.

Colton is a young man cocky, carefree, suave. Julianna seems to hate his smartass comments but she sees something in him. She gives back all she has got and she is secretly excited with his flirty ways and his loud personality. When she attends his brother’s wedding and her crush, she feels lonely until Colton makes her forget everything.

Colton admires the sexy girl but he doesn’t think he stands a chance with Julianna. She always refuses him and she seems to have not gotten over his brother… until the night of the wedding where all the rules change.

What starts as fun and one time thing changes to a meaningful relationship. Colton is not the devil boy he seems to be. He is perceptive, caring, attentive, sensitive. He hides a little boy with a gold heart and he makes Julianna the center of his universe. Julianna on the other hand wants always to have the control. She appears perfect to the outside hiding her insecurities.

Although at first it was hard connecting with this couple, as the story progressed and they got closer, I liked it more. Colton matures through the relationship without losing his humor and Julianna stops being so hard on herself and letting others’ opinion matter. He is more than he seems. He is so loving towards her and he is the perfect boyfriend. Julianna is a girl collected and smart and I admired that she didn’t stop fighting.

As for the taboo aspect of this story, I liked that it was more external. The couple was united against those who didn’t like them together, but not once their differences became a division to them. There were stronger together.

Overall, it was a fun book that showed love was more important than color and age and that heart is stronger than the mind.


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