New Review- The Bombshell Effect by Karla Sorensen

This is the first book I have read by Karla Sorensen and I don’t know why I waited so long. The Bombshell Effect is a cute, sexy football romance that will leave you happy and satisfied!

Allie is a girl that has lost her estranged father. She has only wanted his love and attention but what she has got is money and a football team she has no idea what to do with.

Luke is a dedicated father to his little girl and focused in his football career. He doesn’t need any distractions especially the blond bombshell who is his neighbor and his new boss.

Their relationship starts completely wrong with animosity off the charts but soon the fireworks explode in the bedroom.

I really liked Allie. In the beginning she might appear as little spoiled but she finds her passion, her strength and she shows how fierce she is. I loved that she was proud to be a woman and she didn’t hide her beauty. In a male dominant world she didn’t hesitate and she earned her place as the boss who deserves the ownership of the team.

Luke is a great dad and he was so adorable with his daughter. I have to say that he is a little over judgemental at times but soon he shows his protectiveness and his worth.

The secondary characters are interesting and I would love to see their books.

The writing is witty, smart and luscious. My only complaint is that I would loved to have seen more scenes of their getting known each other more deeply. There is respect between them but I missed the emotional connection because their relationship is more based on their physical intimacy.

Karla Sorensen is definitely an author that made me want to read more and now that I found her, I will certainly follow her work.

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