New Review- Infini by Krista & Becca Ritchie

When you open a book by these two beautiful authors, you know you will get enchanted. Infini is a story about love, family, friendship that will make your feelings juggle.

Luka works in a circus and he is a member of one of the most famous family of acrobats, the Kotovas. Circus is his life because circus is family. When he met Baylee, a juggler, as a kid he was instantly drawn to the quiet girl. Circumstances though tear them apart until years later when they have to work together again. Can they resist this temptation when their hearts say “jump”?

As always, these two authors find a way covering difficult subjects as depression, kleptomania, bulimia without making the story hard. This couple has a lot to overcome and there is a lot of angst but somehow you don’t feel frustrated. All you feel is empathy for the characters of this world.

Luka is easy to love. He is a young man flawed but he is the first to admit his mistakes. His older brother , Nik, might be the guardian of this family but Luka is the glue that holds them together. He truly treasures the people he cares about.

Baylee is a shy, closed girl but she is mature and protective of Luka. She is proud of her Carribean culture and though she struggles, she faces her troubles head on without being afraid to ask for help.

Their relationship is sweet, but hot. They are united, their love is shown in the way they touch, the way they look at each other , in everything.

Krista and Becca have the most unique talent of creating worlds. Every character is multi-dimensional that you feel invested. You get interested in everyone, from the main couple to the secondary, third characters e.t.c.

Although, their journey to happiness is a tough one, the book is not over the top dramatic. It has humor and it has a raw, real substance.

Circus is their life and although it is filled with beauty, sometimes there are illusions that these authors talk about. This book is different than Amour Amour, but you will love it too. It might have another vibe, but it has all the elements of these two authors that have made us love them. It is all about love, family and human strength. I would definitely read another story based on this circus! These authors have created once again magic!

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