New Review- Defy by L.J. Shen

I have to start this review saying that I don’t like teacher-student romance stories. It is not only about the taboo aspect, but it is usually about the age difference and how the love story progresses. Despite that, as I have loved Vicious in the first book , I was curious about Jaime and the affair with his teacher. I gave this book a chance and I didn’t regret it.

Although, Jaime is a part of the “hotholes”, the bad arrogant rich boys of his school, he is not like the other guys. He wants his literature teacher, Mel, and he will do anything to have her but his naughty attitude stops there in his pursuit of her. Not once does he treat her bad and he is in all the way.

Mel has stopped dreaming after she had to abandon ballet until one of her students challenges her. Jaime might be an entitled boy that does whatever he wants without repercussions but he makes her feel alive again.

Their relationship is forbidden but that makes it even hotter. Their sexual chemistry is electrifying but somehow they don’t stop there. As they spend time between the sheets, love and trust is born.

Jaime is a bad boy but within reason. He protects his friends and he shows Mel that he cares. His aggression is justified and the story is mostly based on their attraction. I found Mel sometimes immature and a little lost but the scenes between them is scorching hot. Jaime is a hunter, a true alpha male and he appears older than his age and he owns her.

I was glad I tried this story as I got deeper in this world of these boys and I can’t wait to see what this author will create for us in the next book!

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