New Review- Rise by Dylan Allen

When I saw the cover of this story , I was drawn to this book. Most times I don’t judge a book by its cover, but this time it won my attention and I started this story blindly. I also love discovering new authors , so it made me more excited to read “Rise” written by debut author, Dylan Allen.

Addie is a woman starting a new career as a lawyer in London. She is motivated, determined, almost formidable. Nothing will stand in her way and she doesn’t have time for men in her life. Having being abandoned by her father in the worst way, she is afraid to get involved with someone who can betray her. When she meets a beautiful man,Simon, her heart becomes alive but her mind resists.

Simon is a man full of responsibilities. His family is his first priority but suddenly a gorgeous woman distracts him. He wants her but  cannot have her when all his attention is consumed by the problems in his life.

Their relationship is hot, their attraction off the charts and their connection instant. You can see immediately that these two can be fantastic together but they both have things that they have to solve individually.

I loved Addie’s fierce character though her anger sometimes leads her to unpleasant situations. Nonetheless, she is the first to admit her mistakes and feel sorry. She is a woman that chases what she wants but inside of her resides a hurt girl.

Simon on the other hand is a man sweet, protective, caring. I disliked sometimes his hot and cold attitude towards Addie but once he admits his need for her, he behaves amazingly. This man also has a delicious dirty mouth but an inner kindness in his character.

The first part of the book has a lot of angst and both characters have to mature a little. The second part  though is so much better. When they drop the defenses and stop being afraid, I love how great they are. They are supportive, sexy, everything you want.

This story has its ups and downs and you will enjoy reading it. This author made a great effort for her debut work and she created a love story with sexiness and two characters flawed that complete each other. Dylan Allen started greatly this journey of writing and hopefully she will continue creating stories with happy endings and never ending love!

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