New Review- Release by Aly Martinez

When the new year came, I really struggled to find a book to read. I wanted something exciting and sexy, but nothing kept my attention until I got Release by Aly Martinez. This book was everything I needed! It is a quick, easy read with the angst and emotional punch we need!

Thea was a little girl when she met Ramsey. She did not want his friendship but she secretly needed it. He was there for her when everyone else failed her. Slowly and gradually they became something more, a part of each other but then tragedy happened. Ramsey got convicted for killing Thea’s raper.

Thea has never forgotten him but Ramsey did and after he is out, it’s clear he does not want anything to do with her. She is persistent though. He may not want her but he definitely needs her and she is in all the way.

This is such a fast paced story with a twist you will not see coming. There are two parts, the past and the present. I really loved how they got to know each other as kids and how they fell in love.

The present was a little rushed for my taste. I would have loved to see the connection in the now. We know they are important to each other but after so many years, they are strangers. I would have liked to see them get reacquainted, to find a new and deeper bond.

Nonetheless, you are going to be happy with the story as it is because it’s about love, loyalty and family.

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