New Review- Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

51h9ogglmlWhen I was young I read fairytales and this one is a fairytale a little bit dirtier! Royally Screwed is a story that will leave you satisfied and wanting more!

People are always fascinated by the royal families and Emma Chase took this idea and developed a book with a charming Prince and a noble girl and a love taken out of tales.

Olivia is like Cinderella without the bad stepmom and sisters. Instead she holds a shop full of debt , trying to hold her family together, supporting her younger quirky sister and her heartbroken dad.

Prince Nicholas is the heir to a kingdom and it’s time to take his rightful place as the future king. When the Queen forces him to follow the protocol and do his duty, he has so little time to enjoy life. When he meets Olivia, he is enchanted by her beauty and he wants her. Like a real Prince ,he sweeps her of her feet and takes her to a journey full of royal charm and romance.

Olivia is a kind, hardworking girl that has grabbed life by its horns. I love how down to earth she is and so loyal to her family. She is strong, she never takes anything for granted and when she meets Nicholas she likes the man and not the title.

Nicholas is what you expect from a firstborn that will make a future king. He is serious, he has his country above all and he will obey the Queen no matter what. Olivia makes him more carefree and his smart ways will make you love him.

Their relationship is just heartwarming. It’s steady with no troubles between them but with enough angst that makes them more real.

Emma entwined in her story so many great characters that will make you crave more. I laughed so much with the secondary ones , especially with Olivia’s sister. Between the lightness though, the author gave us the perfect glimpse of what Royalties are going through but also everyday people like us. Behind the wealth, there is darkness, sadness and a life without privacy.

Emma Chase somehow manages to write not only love stories but also worlds with characters that shine equally. She makes us believe that for every girl there is a happy end and her Prince is waiting for her not to save her but to love her. After a story inspired by Cinderella , I cannot wait for the next one about Henry , the younger Prince and the ugly duckling who will capture his heart! If I could twirl, I would totally do it after reading this sweet start of this amazing series!


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