New Review- Searching For Disaster by Jennifer Probst

51yow6xyw8lAfter so many amazing books in the Searching For series Searching For Disaster comes to tell the story of Isabella, a girl troubled that we have loved to hate.

Isabella or Izzy has gotten in a dangerous path, she forgets her demons through drugs. After hurting her family and friends and abandoning a man that sparked her interest , she decides to change her life. As the time passes she leaves behind the wild girl, living a quiet life as a secretary in Kinnections Matchmaking Agency.

Liam is a man straight forward. He is a police officer, he does always the right thing but he has a restlessness inside him. When his partner suggests finding a date through Kinnections , he takes the chance. He doesn’t expect though to find there the girl that has haunted his dreams and thoughts after a one night stand years ago.

The spark is still there and neither can resist. Liam has always wanted her and he will do everything in his power to convince her to give him a chance. Izzy is attracted to him but she thinks that he deserves someone better.

I loved that Liam was not scared to show his want for her and I felt  Izzy’s fear of destructing herself and him. She doesn’t want to hurt him though it was harder for us to understand her reluctance but we don’t know how painful an addiction is.

The best thing about this story are the hilarious scenes with some puppies. They are a funny part of the book and it is so cute to see the couple interacting with them and creating a family.

Jennifer gives us a story about a delicious man and she manages to make us like a girl we were weary about in the previous books. Her books are always fun to read despite the fact she explores difficult themes such as addictions, emotional baggage, animal rescue e.t.c. She writes about flawed characters that we cannot resist to love and this is admirable. It’s always a pleasure to read her books and cannot wait for more!


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