New Review- The Black Swan Affair

41ekwdwrg6l-_sy346_I have to start saying that I truly hate love triangles. I never read them as always someone has to end alone and every time the characters are getting hurt. I don’t know why I chose this book, it was promising everything I didn’t like; one girl and two brothers. It seemed scary but my attention was drawn to it time and time again. So I started it saying to myself that I will stop immediately if I don’t like it. I turned and turned pages and I ended reading it at once and I felt happy that I gave it a chance. It’s a book that stays with you.

Maverick is a girl that has loved two brothers all her life. One as a best friend and the other erotically. When the man she wants ends up married with her sister, she chooses her best friend as her husband. She is confused and she hates herself. She doesn’t know how to move on with her life. How can she choose between the man she has always wanted and the one that has always been there for her?

I have to say that this is not the conventional love triangle. When I read a book with this type of story, I end up hating some of the characters, as they are going back and forth with their choices. This one is so different. All the struggle is emotional and the heroine fights herself trying to clear her feelings. She loves two men and they do too but the author drives us to understand them all.

I don’t want to spoil anything and tell you who she chooses but for me it is the one that I have chosen from the beginning.You won’t be disappointed, you won’t shout at the author. She has managed to make us choose him even before the girl had any idea. It was clear that their love shone above all others. Even if you are sad about the end and the heroine’s choice, you will still want to talk about this story and that’s the most important part. Books that make you sad or happy, frustrated or content are those that have  the more impact.

Sometimes it’s good to walk the safe paths but sometimes the risk of new ones are worth it. I loved this story wholeheartedly and I couldn’t be more satisfied that  I was not afraid to read this! It’s a passionate journey full of feelings that many will talk about!


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