New Review- Sweet Haven by K.C. Lynn

51gizky15vl-_sx331_bo1204203200_K.C. Lynn knows why she named this book sweet haven; you enjoy it like a piece of candy that slowly melts into your mouth and leaves you happy and smiling.

Sam is ready to leave everything behind and move closer to her family as she is feeling lost and lonely without them. When Jase, her brother’s most hateful enemy, helps her from a difficult situation , she stops seeing him as the arrogant guy. She always thought him as the sexy firefighter but his cockiness always made her fight him with every she had. Now though she finds something behind his smartass image; a man who cares and is willing to do anything for her.

Jase knows Sam is the forbidden fruit. He wants a taste of her but cannot have her. There is bad blood between his family and hers and especially with her egomaniac brother. But how can he resist the beautiful girl with the heart full of gold? He just cannot… He has the need to protect her and kiss her senseless and nothing can stop him. If you have read about Sexy Sawyer , Sam’s brother, you will find out that Jase is a lot like him, that’s why they butt their heads.

What starts as  temporary slowly turns into something meaningful, to a love about two soulmates. There is a sweetness between them that will make you sigh and fall for them. This is a story about two people that are meant for each other. K.C. Lynn every time proves why she is adored by her fans, she never disappoints!


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