New Review- Levi’s Blue by M.Leighton

31452387M. Leighton always writes interesting stories that fill your heart and this one was not different.
Evie is an artist, painting gives color to her life and when she stumbles upon a mysterious man, she cannot resist his magnetism.

Levi is a man with many mistakes in his past and when he meets the lovely painter, light is added to his darkness.

I loved how much Evie despite her difficulties she faced, she never gave up. Her spirit was bright and her life had hope.

Levi on the other hand he was lonely until he met Evie. I loved how sweet and protective he was. They were so cute together and their conversations were funny and sexy.

The twist of the story was a little predictable but this time it didn’t matter because you only care about the couple and how much their relationship evolved.

I really enjoyed the story and it showed that sometimes you have to lose your way to find the right path again. There are people who will help you heal and guide you through the darkest sides of your soul and the lightness of their love will make your heart fill again with colors.


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