New Review- Beard Science by Penny Reid

61etyjdyxolSome days ago I saw an interview that Penny Reid gave about her journey as an author. She started it saying how many times her stories were rejected and how they thought her characters were not usual. I have to say I could not be happier that she stayed true to herself giving us such smart books! If you read one of her stories, you will be amazed by her talent writing beautifully complicated intelligent characters.

I think all her fans were anxious to read about the sneaky, clever Cletus. He is a man that has captured all our attention with his dangerous mind and his dry humor. We all knew that we would love his story and it did happen but what surprised me is how much I also loved the heroine.

Jennifer is a woman that is pressured by her family. She must always follow her parents’ rules or she is scorned every day. She is like the wallflower blending in without anyone noticing her. When she finds the courage , she asks Cletus for his help making her stand out.

Cletus never took notice of this girl.People that don’t have a part in his nefarious plans, don’t matter. When he is found in the difficult position of helping her, he doesn’t know what to think of her. She surprises him though. Behind the timid, shy girl, there is backbone, smartness and strength. He only has to make her realize it. What starts as life lessons becomes something more. Cletus is a man focused, he sees things many cannot see but I laughed so hard with his ignorance about his feelings. Little by little Jennifer stole his heart with her kindness and the beauty of her soul.

We have all realized by the previous books about the cleverness of Cletus and how complicated his character is. You will be surprised though that this man is sexy. Penny made him spicy, an alpha male and we all love those men. It’s a slow burn romance but it scorches all the way.

I loved how much this couple grew together in this book. We see Jennifer finding her true self , standing on her feet step by step but we also see a change in Cletus too. He starts taking others in consideration. He sees that sometimes doing his thing might hurt those around him and he realizes that he doesn’t want that. It is pleasant seeing all these changes to them.

Their relationship flows and it is easygoing. There is respect, friendship and I could not imagine a better partner for the amazing Cletus.

Beard Science became one of my favorite books by Penny and I can’t wait to see what this extraordinaire author will create in the future!


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