New Review- Tattered by Devney Perry

I have become repetitive with every review I write about this author but I love Devney Perry’s stories. Each book is better than the last one and all together are some of my favorites! Tattered is the perfect small town romance with a second chance trope and a love that is quiet but intense.

Logan lives and breathes his business and New York so he has no time for a Montana trip but his charitable foundation brings him there. When he stumbles into a bar , he doen’t expect to find the girl he has never forgotten but also the biggest surprise of his life, a daughter he never knew about.

Thea was just a young girl who struggled in New York when she had a one night stand with a sexy man in a suit. Now in Lark Cove she has found herself, a family and is raising a daughter that is her universe. When Logan comes into her life, she is equally scared and excited to find him again.

I cannot tell you how much I loved this story and these characters. Logan and Thea have different backgrounds but it’s admirable seeing putting away the obstacles so they can be together. There is so much respect between them and they are both understanding and appreciating of each others wants. I adore seeing couples that can communicate and despite having some troubles, there is not unnecessary drama.

Thea is a woman that cannot trust easily because she has lived a lonely childhood but the people she puts in her heart are shown her whole devotion. She is a fantastic mom to a little girl that is wild and free and I liked that both her parents never smothered her unique attitude instead they embraced it. She is a little closed off but I liked her will to be happy first admirable.

Logan is a sophisticated man with manners and an irresistible magnetism. I loved seeing him vulnerable towards his daughter and Thea despite being strong minded elsewhere. His love and attention is never questioned and he is a man that keeps his promises and makes everything better even when he makes mistakes.

Their relationship is solid from the start and although they have to put away some significant differences , they are “it” for each other. They just have to meet in the middle so they can find their happily ever after.

Devney Perry might be a relatively new author but she is like she has been writing forever. Her books always bring comfort to my heart and never leave my mind. Her books have captivated me completely and wholeheartedly and Tattered is another nice addition to her outstanding book collection.

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