New Review- How to Date a Douchebag: The Failing Hours

When Sara Ney wrote the first book about Oz I was pleasantly surprised as it became  one of my favorites of 2016. This time around I was waiting anxiously about this story and the author didn’t disappoint. It has everything you want from a new adult romance.

We have met Zeke in book one and the man was truly cold, arrogant, sullen. Can the bad boy redeem himself or is he doomed to fail?

Zeke is a complicated character. He is so broody, intimidating and callous that makes you almost hate him. He is rude to everyone and he resents everyone that is happy.

When he meets the “sunshiny” girl, Violet, he is bothered by her positive attitude. After all, he doesn’t want anyone to get close to him. The only problem is that he is attracted to her and can’t resist. Will he give their relationship a go or is he too closed off?

I loved these characters. Zeke is truly moody with a bad attitude. He has a dirty mouth, he doesn’t respect anyone but somehow the hopeful girl changes him. Under his hard image, there is a man dependable, compassionate, vulnerable. Violet is so wonderful. Although, she appears as a quiet girl, she shows her kindness, her selflessness and her bright mind.

I adored Zeke’s and Violet’s transformation. As they develop their friendship, Zeke starts to soften, he gets more reliable and thoughtful. He makes mistakes but he owns them and he asks for forgiveness. On the other hand, Violet gets more confident and she doesn’t let him walk over her. I loved how she shines her lightness to his darkness showing him that not everything is about him and his problems.

Sara wrote fantastically a story about two opposites that attract. There is a slow build up and when their relationship develops, they are explosive. There is something totally endearing seeing a bad boy falling in love and it is so sweet when he starts to realize it.

One book might be luck but two screams talent and Sara Ney has a ton of it! You will laugh and swoon with this love story and I am sure you will get addicted to these bad boys.  I would be excited to get back to this world and I hope there is another douchebag to love!

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