New Review-Good Boy by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

I love Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy as authors but together they create magic. It’s like they unite their best ideas creating a fantastic book! This story is funny, sexy and the best thing to spend your weekend on.

Jess is the failure of her family. Being the only one quitter in a family full of overachievers, she feels a little bit disappointed and without confidence. When she finds a new dream, she moves to Toronto to study being a nurse. The studying is difficult but rewarding, she lives close to her brother and his husband and she is finally reaching her goals. The only problem? There is an incorrigible hockey player ready to corrupt her.

Blake lives his life without inhibitions. He likes to have fun, he is loud and fierce. When his one night stand comes back into his life, he wants her again and again. The only problem? She resists his charm and his charisma; but he is sure he can convince her. He is after all a great catch and a generous “O” giver. No woman could say no, right?!

I loved, loved, loved these two, especially Blake. He is a big man with a bigger personality, he is brash and sometimes obnoxious. Despite his silly flirty ways, the man is adorable. He is loyal, sweet, kind, hilarious. He is like a big teddy bear you want to hug. Jess is a little bit more anxious and serious, but with Blake she finds herself. She is trustworthy and really caring.

Their relationship is full of laughs, hot and so cute! Blake is one of the funniest male heroes and this book will make you feel amazing!

If you want a story that will make your heart feel lighter, then these two authors have created the most fantastic book for that!!!

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