New Review- Cross My Heart by L.H. Cosway

The Hearts series is one of my top favorite series of all times and L.H. Cosway wrote this novella almost as a gift to the fans. This is a short adorable story with the youngest Cross brother as its hero and a strong, vulnerable girl as his love interest.

Liam knows how difficult life can be. He has always struggled with his brothers and when he finally finds his way earning a police badge, he is the first to realize that the quiet girl working with his brother is in trouble.

Iris has literally nothing. The system has abandoned her and she is homeless with her only companion a stray cat and her Bowie obsession. When the boss’s brother keeps getting in her way, she finally understands that she doesn’t have to be alone. She can get some help without being pitied.

These two are so good together. Liam respects her, admires her strength and her positivity and she sees the kindness in him. I loved how Liam is the silent kind of man, the thinker of the family. He is trustworthy and he helps her without expecting something back. Iris is a wonderful girl. Although, she lives in the streets, she is a nice girl with a bright attitude and innocence in her.

Their relationship is almost quiet, sweet and without any drama. I wish it could have more pages so it could have been developed furthermore but nonetheless, it was enjoyable and a nice addition to this series. Now I cannot wait for the player of this family, the little heartbreaker, the flirt, Trevor. His story is the next and the last one to come in this series and I am so excited and sad at the same time!

***This novella is included in the Hearts Series that you don’t want to miss!***

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