New Review- Mists of The Serengeti by Leylah Attar

I have started blogging so I could share the love I have for books and this book is the reason why. When I finished “Mists of the Serengeti” by Leylah Attar , there were no words. My review seems inadequate to express the feelings this book caused to my deepest part of my heart. This is a masterpiece, a story that became one of my top favorites I have read in my whole life.

Rodel is a teacher in England and Jack is a farmer in Africa. One bomb is enough to alter their lives and destiny is there to connect them. They are trying to live through loss and regret but tragedy brings them together in a journey written by their fate. This is a story about death and life, courage and sacrifice and in the middle of all love that will stay in your soul.

There is a quote saying that reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are and it is spot on for this story. This author takes us to  majestic Africa with descriptions so alive that you can smell, see and touch. The writing is so vibrant filled with colors of the local customs and culture. You will feel enchanted by this country and its beauty.

The romance is unforgettable and the love story one that will remain in you and steal a piece of your heart. It is not only about the connection between the couple but also about family and friendship. It is about duty, responsibility and heroism in its truest form. One small action can bring change, one act of kindness can make the difference. There is fragility in this world but true strength inside of us and this author shows us what people can achieve if we are united.

There is not black and white, right or wrong. Everything changes through perception but the most important remains the same. Love is a rainbow that shines , a motivation for everything.

You will laugh, become truly moved, get scared, feel inspired, cry and heal with these words.

This book is a life lesson, an unforgettable love story, just perfection! I wish everyone could read “Mists of the Serengeti”. It is a gift to the world by an author with a talent to be admired. You will burst with a kaleidoscope of feelings after the end and the words are soul touching. There are romance books and there are these kinds of books that will affect your life somehow. Just read it, I beg you!!!

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