New Review- The Someday Girl by Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson left us with our mouth wide open after the end of book one “The Monday Girl” and she comes now with “The Someday Girl” leaving us with tears and a smile on our face after the last page.

Kat has achieved everything. She is now a Hollywood upcoming star, she has money, a huge house, great friends… But she misses something. She feels lonely and scared to make a choice. Does she choose the sexy heartbreaker Grayson or the steady, kind man Wyatt?

I think that Julie gives us in this book the best answer. Kat is choosing herself. After many profound words, this author makes us conclude that in order to love someone and be happy, you have to love firstly yourself. After a long journey of searching her heart and her mind, Kat is finally changing becoming more confident, more mature and knowing what is best for her.

I think in the end it doesn’t matter who she chooses, although it left me satisfied, as it is more about this girl who slowly finds herself. She collects her broken pieces, puts them back together and she becomes a woman who deserves everything including a soulmate.

I have to admit my appreciation for the amazing secondary characters and I hope one day she will write a story based on them.

Finally, I have to say that I do not usually cry with books but this author surprises us with a twist that had me crying silent tears but she gives the perfect bittersweet end that will leave you sad but also happy. So I am warning you, prepare yourself with some tissues, because you will definitely need them.

This is a story about self-discovery, romance, friendship. Julie Johnson has written her best work so far and I am so excited for everyone to read this beautiful duet. This is a story about a Monday Girl that becomes a Someday Girl and in the end a Forever Girl. So for every girl that wishes to become this kind of girl, this story is for you!

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