New Review- Amnesia & Amnesty by Cambria Hebert

When you have loved a series deeply and then it ends, you wonder what it is going to be next. Will the author succeed in writing a book that will be just as touching? Will it be something good or the different book will disappoint you? I have read and admired Cambria Hebert’s #Hashtag series and I was curious to find out what she came up with after all these books. When I saw the Amnesia duet I was excited because the covers were perfect and the blurb so compelling. Cambria didn’t disappoint me. I loved the fact that she ventured out of her way and didn’t follow the same path with her previous series. This was something completely new and fascinating!

When Eddie saved a girl from drowning in the foggy lake, his whole life changed. His past collided with his present and it was like a button was pushed for a restart.  The girl could give him all the answers he needed but she had no identity, no memory.

When she was saved from a stranger, she expected to remember what happened but her mind was completely blank. She had no name, no family, nothing. She could only write new pages with her future and her savior was always there to help her.

The lake brought them together and their love was inevitable but something haunted them. There was someone out there ready to hurt the girl and steal their happiness but they would do anything to stay connected, even if that meant that they had to fight the ghosts of their past.

I really liked both characters. Eddie was a charming guy but with a will of steel. He was protective, caring and he had this serious vibe about him. I loved that he was loyal to everyone but above all he put the love he had for this girl. Although, the girl had no memory, she didn’t lack personality. She had this innocence and a pureness despite what she had been through. She had also a great sense of humor and she had amazing instincts.

This story was full of mystery, twists and you were anxious to see what it would happen. I turned the pages quickly and I finished both books in one sitting. The setting was eerie and it drew you. Although, the story had abuse, it wasn’t dark. It was like seeing a thriller with games of the mind. When, you expected something, something different would happen.

Cambria Hebert wrote a duet full of love and adventure and I am sure that it won’t let you down. I cannot wait to see what her mind will create next!

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