New Review- Wild Card by Karina Halle

Karina Halle has written everything, especially dark, sexy stories but this one is the sweetest book she has ever created! This is a second chance romance with words full of love!

Shane and Rachel had been always best friends and slowly they became so much more! Their friendship and the trust they had into each other turned into a bond unbreakable until Shane did his worst mistake; he drove Rachel away and broke both their hearts.
Rachel had shared her life and her secrets with Shane and he was the one to support her, to be there for her… until he chased her away. She had promised to herself never to return into their small town and leave the sexy cowboy behind but one phone call brought her back. Now she has to face her memories, her regrets and the man who still holds her soul.

This book is so different than everything Karina has written but I truly liked it. Shane is a fantastic, decent hero. He is not afraid to show his feelings and his actions and his words towards Rachel are so romantic. He is hard working, he cares about his family and he has never stopped loving Rachel and it shows.

Rachel on the other hand is a woman driven. Her difficult past has made her more closed off and skeptical but she is strong and resilient. Also, she is forgiving and she gives a second chance to those who betrayed her and that shows that behind the confident image, there is a girl needed to be loved.

This is a standalone but the author promises two more stories of Shane’s brothers and let me tell you they are both very hot!
I really liked the change of pace of this book and I cannot wait to read more heartwarming books by Karina!

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