New Review- Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

Emma Chase is the Queen of fun, romantic stories and her Royally series is fantastic! Every book is better than the last one and Royally Endowed is sweet, sexy and emotional. This is a slow burn romance at its best with a forbidden love story between a princess’ sister and her bodyguard!

Logan St. James was born in the wrong side of the tracks. After two years in the military, his skills and his loyalty land him working as one of the most trusted bodyguards of the palace. When he got assigned to protect Ellie, the princess’ sister, he took his job very seriously.

Ellie was just in high school when she met Logan. Her brooding bodyguard stole her heart from the start but what harm can a little crush do?

Although, these two characters are close in age, their different backgrounds and the professional boundaries make their attraction forbidden. Their chemistry throughout the years is getting bigger and more important and when Ellie is finally 22, BOOM!

Logan is a serious boy that had to grow up quickly. He is responsible, mature and very hardworking. Ellie on the other hand is spunky, carefree and innocent. She sees the good in people and she is very optimistic.

It was great seeing their changes as the years passed. Ellie brightens Logan’s life and he is there for her whenever she needs him. Their friendship slowly turns into an erotic relationship and their sexy scenes are so hot! You can see their bond and how much they need each other and when the lines blur, they are inseparable.

This book can be read as a standalone but you will enjoy it so much more if you read the previous books as all the characters live together as a family and you can see their lives moving forward.

Emma Chase is one of my favorite authors as her books are always entertaining but also heartwarming. This book is full of passion and love and it will definitely make you swoon!

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