New Review – The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon

It’s now 2 a.m. having finished The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon and I don’t know if I have enough words to review it. This story is beautifully painful , so raw and real that will make your heart bleed without feeling sad. This book is about loss, guilt and choices ; choices that alter your life as this book will change yours if you choose to read it but also feel it.

As you know from the blurb and from what the author has revealed , this book is about Noah, Dr. Andelin from the Law of Moses and two girls who want his heart but only one who gets it. If you have followed my blog, I only want to say one thing , don’t be afraid. Each character is chosen wisely to play a part in this unique story.

Noah is kind, caring and a good man and that says it all. Mercedes is loyal, sassy but with a sensitive heart full of love. Cora is vulnerable, sweet and ethereal. Three best friends with their lives deeply woven.

Amy Harmon knows how to write haunting but meaningful stories. Each word is there for a reason and each choice is made for a purpose. Nothing is left at chance. Although, there is romance , I would say the book is more spiritual and full of soul. There is love but their path to happiness is not easy. It will wreck you in the best way and leave you thinking after the end.

I will close my review borrowing a phrase from the book expressing exactly what I feel. “Here lies a little package of perfect”.

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