New Review- Ride by Harper Dallas

Harper Dallas is a new author and you won’t believe that Ride is her debut book. It’s an exciting sports romance story that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat! It has angst, thrilling scenes and sexiness.

Brooke is a photographer of extreme sports and when she is presented with the chance of shooting worldwide famous snowboarders, nothing will stand in her way. Chase, her teenage idol, might make her life more difficult but she is up for the challenge. She just has to overcome her “little” crush…

Chase is hiding his painful past behind a cold facade but the sassy girl provokes him like no other. He wants her but he doesn’t do relationships. Can they keep their relationship only in the bedroom?!

This story is breathtaking with the right amount of romance and sports. You can see that the author loves the sport and it doesn’t bore you. The relationship between the characters has the push and pull and their sexy times are explosive.

Chase is gruff, with a bad boy image but also vulnerabilities. Brooke is a strong girl who knows what she wants. Their relationship is emotionally gripping.

The secondary characters are fantastic and I am happy that the author is writing her next book based on one of them. My only concern is that she has disappeared from her social media but hopefully she will be back with more.

Her writing is fresh and easygoing but it needed a bit more editing/proofreading so some mistakes or repetitive phrases could have been avoided.

I love finding new authors and this book is the perfect start! I am crossing my fingers for more great stories like this one!

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