New Review- The Boy & His Ribbon by Pepper Winters

I will start saying I haven’t read Pepper Winters for a while and although I loved the covers of this duet , I was scared to read it. The blurb reveals that it is a forbidden romance so I admit that I was sceptical. I was thinking that because I don’t usually read books with taboo that I wouldn’t like it or I wouldn’t give it the proper review. I was utterly and completely wrong! This is one of the best stories I have read this year and although it has angst, it is painful and a little dark, I fell in love with it wholeheartedly.

Ren was just a kid when he escaped from slavery but his life changed in the blink of an eye or more correctly in the blink of two blue eyes. Trying to survive when you have nothing is difficult but with the bond between two children everything became better. Ren and Della have an almost impossible journey but they manage to make the best of it because they have each other.

We follow their growing up with all the obstacles and seeing them change. Their relationship is always the one of love but their relationship from that of a family becomes more and it is torture. They both want it but they both are afraid of the consequences. It’s heartbreaking seeing them suffer.

Ren is a boy and later man that is honorable. He is protective and selfless. He always does the right thing even if it’s not his heart’s desire. He is honest and true. He is loyal and hardworking. Della in most of the the book is just a child but you see her growing up into a strong woman. She is fierce and independent but her unrequited love towards Ren almost destroys her. They both make moves hurtful but they are pushed to them.

This book is really unique and although the love shines throughout , it’s not romantic. It’s just the sparks before the explosion that will probably come in book 2. This is about survival, family, friendship and forbidden love that cannot contained.

I admire the author’s talent in writing. The book is long and for me that loves romance not once did I get bored. I was mesmerized by their life. Also I have to admit that though this book is “scandalous” you don’t feel weird or awkward by their relationship but on the contrary you root for them.

The cliffhanger in the end is dramatic but promises that book 2 is going to be exciting so I am off to continue…


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I read book 2 in one sitting but I choose not to write a full review not because I didn’t love it but because I equally hated it. The writing is fantastic, you are there from start to finish addicted. The emotions are over the place and the love is vast. The words are powerful and it is definitely a book that will stay with me…. but… the big but… For those who love happily ever afters this book doesn’t have one. I finished this book with many many tears in my eyes. It’s really touching but  I was blindsided and I didn’t want to feel sad but that’s the feeling it left me. A bittersweet taste. I am sure that many of you love to ugly cry with your books but I am not one of them. I recognize the power of this story but after all this couple went through, I wanted them to find pure happiness and not one within limits. I feel moved but also hurt… You have been warned but now choose what kind of reader you are… Read a heartbreaking story that will punch you with feelings or avoid the hurt…

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