New Review- Ocean Light by Nalini Singh

When I was younger I used to read paranormal romance but getting older I stopped preferring contemporary. There is one author that still keeps my attention and that is Nalini Singh. Since 2006 I have remained loyal to her series and I haven’t missed a book and you know what makes me come back? I am still invested to these characters and I want to see what’s happening in this strange world. I am always happy seeing the couples from back then but always crave for the new ones and the ones to follow. As this is an ongoing series , new readers might get lost but what a better time than starting a fantastic series?

Bowen is a security specialist and the heart of Human Alliance.  He tries helping people but this time he needs the most help. His brain has a ticking bomb, a microchip ready to explode. When the BlackSea changelings offer him a chance of finding a solution he puts his fears away and takes a risk if it means he can help his loved ones and humankind. What he doesn’t expect is to find  his soulmate.

Kaia is the head cook in her clan and she is loved by everyone. She has a great job, a supporting family but when she meets Bowen , her heart tells her that she has found her mate. She is afraid to trust her instinct and surrender when she is afraid to lose once again someone she loves. Sometimes though love is stronger than everything else.

Nalini Singh is back to the world of changelings and this time we get under water. It’s nice discovering this exciting community and how all these people work. Although the story has suspense, the book is more couple oriented with Kaia and Bowen in the center of it.  It’s a sweet tale of falling in love and being vulnerable to your other half.

Bowen is strong, decisive and smart. I loved that in this book we see more of him and his playfulness is a great touch. Kaia is kind but sassy and her sensitivity towards everyone is endearing. Their relationship is easygoing and sweet.

This author has the ability of making secondary characters pop so I am intrigued by some and I cannot wait to see more! It’s also great catching up with some of our old favorites.

Once again Nalini Singh created an interesting story in a complex world where everything seems new but also similar to our everyday. Now what? I am going to wait anxiously for the following book!

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