New Review- Filthy Gods by R. Scarlett

R. Scarlett is a new author to me but thankfully a fellow blogger insisted on reading this book and I am so glad! This is the prelude of a new series and I am happy to say that it’s a standalone short story that will make you fall in love with the couple but also get you excited for the following books.

Nathaniel and Juliette are completely opposites and sworn enemies in Yale. They are the best in their studies and competitive as it gets but Juliette finds herself in disadvantage. She is dirty poor and she has to work as a maid in Nathaniel’ s hotel. She might serve him but her mind won’t relent.

Nathaniel is rich, smart and in an exclusive men’s club where the most powerful guys of Yale control everything. They are called the American Gods and Nathaniel with his friends are on the top of the chain. He can have everything but he wants the sassy girl.

What starts as a arrangement soon becomes a battle of wills and a war for love. I really liked both characters. Juliette is strong minded, independent but she also has these sensitivities. Nathaniel is fierce, cool but also shows how much he craves her.

I loved their relationship. Although they are rivals , there is respect between them. They battle for control but it just amplifies their attraction. I loved that Nathaniel never made her feel less and how Juliette kept her integrity until the end.

The writing is great and it gets you looking forward of reading the books of the secondary characters. If you are a fan of L.J. Shen, you definitely want to try this.

I don’t usually like preludes but this book is perfect for having a taste that will make you hungry for more. I cannot wait for the next American God and seeing how he will kneel in the name of love!

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