New Review- The Pecker Briefs by Sawyer Bennett

I love Sawyer Bennett’s hockey players so I was not surprised that I liked this book too. I went in blindly expecting a sexy read because of its cover but the story though hot was also really sweet!

Viveka is a woman who loves animals and she fights for them as an animal rights lawyer. When she is called to save some woodpeckers’ nests from destroyed , she is forced to face Ford, the lawyer from the opposite side. Although, they are “enemies” in the court, the attraction between them is sizzling and they can’t resist getting to bed.

I really liked how this story progressed and how mature these characters were. Despite their cases brought them to fight each other in the court, there was no drama outside of it. They kept separate their jobs from their personal lives and there was respect between them.

Both characters were adorable and so cute together. I thought in the beginning that Viveka would be a feisty woman but she was also sensitive and vulnerable when needed. Ford was protective, sensual and kind. Their relationship was hot without missing the intimate scenes that brought them closer as a couple.

The secondary characters were important and it made you want reading their story.

If you like flirty , easygoing love stories, then this book is perfect for you! I would love to see also one day an extra epilogue to see how their life turned out.

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