New Review- Monster Among the Roses by Linda Kage

I love fairytale retellings and when I saw this story by Linda Kage, I was so intrigued. This is the story of Beauty and the Beast but with a huge twist. Our heroine is the wounded “beast” and our hero is the kind beautiful man that is there to save her!

Shaw is drowning in debts and he doesn’t know how to help his injured mom. His only solution is to “sell” himself and his services to a rich benefactor. He doesn’t know what that means until he finds in the rose garden a girl broken ready to be saved.

Isobel lost herself since she has been mutilated. Isolated from the world her only true passion is her roses and the books. When a handsome man stumbles into her garden, her life turns upside down.

Together they will find peace, hope, companionship and love. When there is despair, they will move on together but their happiness is threatened in every turn.

I liked both characters. Shaw is genuine, caring and sensitive. Isobel is a proud, strong girl facing the world and her troubles with dignity. Their relationship is sweet without a lot of drama.

The story overall has a quietness without much of ups and downs. I would have preferred if I have seen more fire from Isobel in the beginning and some more playful scenes between them. Also, I found their voices as characters a little younger than they are. They are not immature for sure but if the author hadn’t revealed that they are over 25, I would have thought them as teenagers.

I have to say that I found myself being curious about the next story about Isobel’s brother and I cannot wait to read it.

Overall, if you want a sweet modern fairytale with an adorable couple, then you can try this book!

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