New Review- The Brave Line by Kate Stewart

This is the first book I have read by this author and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it! I started it by chance after liking  the blurb and the cover and it was such a pleasant surprise. This is now on my top favorite books’ list!

Sergeant Randall Owen Day, a.k.a. Rowdy,  lives and breathes his profession. Day and night he struggles through the difficulties he has to face as a police officer and the only thing that brightens his mood is the voice of the sassy dispatcher, Michelle. From the first time he saw her, he was really attracted to the sexy minx, but he has one rule; never mixing business with pleasure.

Michelle has left everything back in California, starting a new chapter in Charleston. Everything has changed for her and the only thing that stirs her quiet life now is the gruff sergeant. Despite flirting him, the man knows how to resist.

One night though will bring everything upside down. Rowdy will have a taste of her and he cannot stop but he warns her that this is only about sex and no feelings. Can they both resist this wild attraction?

Michelle is a breath of fresh air. She is spontaneous, clever ,carefree with a lot of humor. She is not perfect but she owns her past mistakes and she is resilient. She is sassy, hot and she is not afraid to play with fire. I love that she combines an inner strength but she is not afraid to be vulnerable about her feelings for Rowdy.

Rowdy on the other hand is sexy, determined and alpha. He is a combination of sex appeal, grumpiness and confidence. The man has the best dirty mouth and he knows how to take control in and outside of the bedroom. Having being hurt by his past, he has intimacy issues but behind them there is a lingering sadness that makes him more human.

Their relationship is electrifying. Their sex scenes are scorching hot, they are both insatiable in their tastes and they just work perfectly together. Though the sex is something that brings them together, the little gestures will capture your attention. One sexy smile, one hug or a sorry from them will bring you to your knees and will make you have stars in your eyes.

The originality of this story is their professional connection. I have read many romance books about policemen and their girls but this is the first time I see the connection between a sergeant and a police dispatcher. The author dives deeply in the difficulties of this department and I love that she shows the ugly and the beautiful side of police. Also, there is something about their working relationship that brings them closer as a couple. They share the same fears, the terrors and the dangers of what it means to work for the law.

I cannot express how much I loved this story! I am so happy when I start a story by a new author to me and in the end I am a fan. I wish I could read it again for the first time! If you want a book that will surpass every expectation, then grab it quickly and enjoy!!!

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